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image of the 3d printed miniature packard bell 2cd
Packard Bell Mini Project Page

image of a 3d render of the microquadra 700 and microIIci raspberry pi zero cases
micro Quadra 700 / micro IIci Project Page

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6.19.2023 - Sneak peak at my top secret project! Almost ready to unveil!

5.2.2023 - More silicone arrived. Time to start the real work on the top secret project. More details soon.

5.1.2023 - Started work on a cleaner layout for this site.

2.21.2023 - Finished the miniature monitor replica to go with the Packard Bell Mini!

1.20.2023 - Made some improvements to the Packard Bell Mini inside and outside, and also created a custom "boot" loader for DOSBox. (youtube)

12.31.2022 - Added a page for the Packard Bell Mini, with links to the STL files.

12.27.2022 - Uploaded a video talking about building the Packard Bell Mini, and what I plan on doing with it going forward (youtube)

12.8.2022 - Just received the first print of the Packard Bell Mini case, getting ready to start building!

11.30.2022 - Started designing a 3d miniature Packard Bell case to put a Raspberry Pi in.

11.11.2022 - Just updated my old Windows 95 VM to Windows ME... haha.

8.23.2022 - I'm in Raleigh, NC for work this week, just played board games at a meadery with coworkers. Heck yea.

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