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Linux Stuff
Symptom7.tar.gz Symptom7 - a Macintosh System 7 theme for XFCE4/GTK3. Tested on Linux Mint 20.3. Created this to be as pixel perfect as possible. This is the color monitor version, instead of the 1 bit b&w version. There is also a 24px tall titlebar version included, to help your eyes out a bit :)
SevenIcons.tar.gz SevenIcons - a Macintosh System 7 icons theme for Linux. Fork of NineIcons by grassmunk. Replaced as much as I could so far to not have 3d OS8/9 icons in the set. Looks good with the Symptom7 theme.
PlatiNomNom_v1.4.tar.gz Mac OS Platinum (OS 8/9) theme for XFCE / WFWM4. I originally created this in 2012 on a Asus EEE 900. Updated 7/2/22 to allow titlebar button rearragning.
Mac-OS-9-Platinum-MB.tar.gz Modified Elbullazul's GTK3 theme for XFCE use, had some GTK issues if the apps used the newer tall titlebars. Includes my PlatiNomNom theme in this archive for a single download.
Grab the 7.5.3 or 8/9 desktop patterns below to make the desktop authentic :)
3D Printing Stuff
Packard Bell Mini Downloads and pictures on a separate page! Updated 2/22/23 Macintosh Quadra 700 / Macintosh IIci 3D models to house a Raspberry Pi Zero board. Includes Apple Color Display model as well for a 3.5inch LCD by Aladds on 68kmla, as well as his cover for the SD card slot. ( thread)
Windows 3.x Stuff Windows 3.x default wallpapers Windows 3.x alternate wallpapers Windows 3.00 rare wallpapers that were removed in version 3.0a for some reason Windows 3.1 WAV files Microsoft Windows Entertainment Pack for Windows 3.x Windows 3.1 default splash screen, in case yours gets modified by some install and you want the original splash back. You can replace it inside with winlogo.exe
Windows 9x / Me / NT4 Stuff Windows 9x / NT4 default wallpapers (Updated 11/25/22 with more NT4 wallpaper tiles) Windows 98 WAV files Windows 95 / NT4 WAV and MIDI files Windows ME default wallpapers (Updated 11/25/22 with more WinME wallpaper tiles) Microsoft Plus! 98 (themes, sounds, cursors, icons, screensavers)
Windows XP Stuff Windows XP WAV files Windows XP Cursors Windows XP default wallpapers
Windows 2000 Stuff
IBM ThinkPad T23 Drivers IBM ThinkPad T23 Drivers for Windows 2000. Should be everything here, even optional hardware.
Mac Stuff Mac OS 7.5.3 desktop patterns Mac OS 8 and 9 desktop patterns Mac OS 8 and 9 desktop *pictures* Mac OS 8 extra desktop pictures
Farrallon_EtherMacSE.sit.hqx Farallon EtherMacSE drivers for Macintosh System 6 / 7
Random Stuff AOL 4.0 WAV files MSN Messenger WAV files from Windows XP / soitaire_win10.exe 32-bit version of Solitaire from NT 3.51 that will work in 64-bit Windows 10. In a ZIP or an EXE installer. I originally uploaded the Win95 version, but it was 16 bit! Packard Bell iMedia / Aloh@ OEM Wallpaper I recreated Starcraft /Starcraft BroodWar "Road War" map modified for Four Players!
TheOldNet (retro) Render old version of websites on old web browsers! (retro) Headlines from the future! Formatted to work on the most retro of browsers.  (From Action Retro)
FrogFind (retro) Internet search for old web browsers, strips all newer formatting. (From Action Retro)
Tim D'Annecy's Blog (HTML5) If you work in IT or Network Administration, my friend Tim hosts a blog with invaluable knowledge, guides, howtos and general tips and tricks!
Random Files (retro) A dump of installer files I personally was using but you may find useful!
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