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Links (sites marked retro can be accessed in 90's web browsers.)
my Github  
follow me on mastodon bitbang.social  (From Action Retro)
TheOldNet (retro) Render old version of websites on old web browsers!
68k.news (retro) Headlines from the future! Formatted to work on the most retro of browsers.  (From Action Retro)
FrogFind (retro) Internet search for old web browsers, strips all newer formatting. (From Action Retro)
Tim D'Annecy's Blog If you work in IT or Network Administration, my friend Tim hosts a blog with invaluable knowledge, guides, howtos and general tips and tricks!
Macintosh Librarian (retro) Ms. Fox and Maccy explain Apple history
Mac84 (retro) Lots and lots of Mac resurrections from Steve Mac84
68kMLA Macintosh (prmiarily 68k but some PPC and intel) focused forums
TinkerDifferent Vintage computer forum for all varieties
WinWorldPC Just about every vintage PC OS version you could need, and a lot of software to go along with them. Some Mac and *nix as well.

Website created in FrontPage 2003. The only things I own on this site are my creations, and the Molten Software logo. 2003-2023 Molten Software. Everything else belongs to it's respective owners. Molten started as my basement computer repair lab back in high school, and although hasn't done much since, the name lives on.

SSL cert provided for modern web browsers.

Proud member of TheOldNet webring! Check some other cool websites!
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