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mini Quadra 700 / mini IIci
pi Zero case based on macintosh minitower
STL files download
My first 3D printing project was to take the Macintosh Quadra 700 and design a case for the Raspberry Pi Zero. I took liberties on the dimensions, but the basis is that there are two places for buttons on the front, as well as a slot for a standard flat LED. The "floppy" slot on the front is the width of a full size SD card.

Someone on twitter said it'd be nice if it was a IIci instead, which after a little bit of work I was able to modify the design enough to also be a IIci, and it can re-use the same lid.

There are holes inside to melt heat-set nuts for m2.5 screws to mount a pi inside.

on the 68kMLA forums, aladds has designed a CRT monitor to match the size of this case, link to thread here. The model for the monitor as well as his SD card slot cover are included in the download.


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